Man Accused of Threatening Transgender Girls at Bar Faces Hate Crime Cost – NBC Los Angeles

Man Accused of Threatening Transgender Women at Bar Faces Hate Crime Charge – NBC Los Angeles

A man who allegedly threatened and blurred a group of transgender women in a downtown bar and sparked a confrontation with the company's security team, which was videotaped, will be charged with hate crime next month, prosecutors said on Friday with.

According to the Los Angeles Prosecutor's Office, Eduardo Gonzalez will be charged on August 7 with a criminal threat and a hate crime criminal offense.

Gonzalez is accused of approaching the group of transgender women who went to downtown Los Angeles bar and restaurant Las Perlas after the DTLA Proud Festival on August 23.

According to the prosecutor, Gonzalez allegedly committed "multiple transphobic and abusive insults" against the women, leading to a heated confrontation.

When he was removed from the bar by the security service, he allegedly threatened to return with a gun, the prosecutors said.

"Hatred of transgender people has no place in our society," said Attorney General Mike Feuer in a statement. "Transgender people, especially colored transgender people, are already at an indescribable risk of violence. The perpetrators must be held accountable." ”

The confrontation and subsequent hand-to-hand combat made headlines thanks to a cell phone video showing the club's security as the transgender women were subsequently physically kicked out of the bar despite insisting that they were not the original confrontation with Gonzalez were responsible.

The bar owner initially said the bar staff acted according to the guidelines, but later said the security team had been replaced and the staff had received awareness training.

The bar made a statement apologizing to the women and the transgender community.

Lisa Bloom, lawyer for the transgender women – Fernanda Celarie, Jennifer Cruz and Khloe Perez-Rios, said in May that she had applied to the state for the bar's alcohol license to be revoked and cited a clause that “included.” Persistence of a license "would violate the common good or morality. "


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