Los Angeles police launch video exhibiting makes use of of power throughout protest

Los Angeles police release video showing uses of force during protest

LOS ANGELES >> The Los Angeles police body camera video released on Sunday shows a man slapping an officer in the face, which authorities say led to his arrest at the place where he fell to and from the ground during a fight Wheelchair was thrown.

The incident occurred on July 14 and led to the arrest of 33-year-old Joshua Wilson on suspicion of being a firearm criminal after the authorities found a loaded gun in a backpack on his wheelchair. The video doesn't show Wilson ever reaching for his bag. It was not immediately clear whether he had a lawyer who could speak on his behalf.

Downtown protesters demonstrating against police brutality said LAPD officials used excessive force to arrest Wilson and others, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The LAPD has been under fire in recent weeks for other allegations of excessive violence in protests against police brutality after George Floyd's death in Minneapolis.

Wilson's arrest occurred when officials attempted to detain two women who, as the police said in a press release, appeared to be "in the midst of a mental crisis." The officials planned to take her to a hospital for examination.

While the officers were talking to the women, the police saw 53-year-old David Dixon push and shout at another man nearby. He was arrested for a pending arrest warrant suspected of being a lethal weapon.

When the police were preparing to go with the trio, a group of about 50 demonstrators came to the area and began to sing, "Let them go!" The officials called for support and shouted, "We need help!" unfolded over the radio as a chaotic scene.

Wilson can be seen in the video fighting with the police in his wheelchair and when he is on the ground while demonstrators are screaming and trying to help him. At least one officer swings a truncheon to hold them back. Another video shows an officer grabbing and throwing the man's vacant wheelchair, causing a wheel to fall, the Times reported.

At some point, a teenager – identified by the Times as 17-year-old Elliot Sanchez – is seen on the floor and appears to have a seizure in the video. Sanchez told the newspaper that an official asked demonstrators to leave the area and approached him when Sanchez resigned. Sanchez said he asked the officer for his ID number and was beaten in the chest and neck with a truncheon. The strike, he told The Times, caused it to fall and have an asthma attack and a seizure.

Sanchez told the newspaper that he was detained after treatment in a hospital and quoted for resisting the arrest. A LAPD spokesman denied Sanchez's report to the Times and said he was pushed but not hit or arrested with a truncheon. The spokesman, Josh Rubenstein, told the newspaper that he could not confirm Sanchez's quote because he was a minor.

No encounter with Sanchez is mentioned in the LAPD press release, although the video contains footage of the teenager saying that he was "knocked down and later taken to hospital for an unrelated condition." The video does not contain the fact that he was allegedly bumped into by an officer; The police say "He fell" before an officer calls an ambulance.

Another man, 30-year-old Mario Chacon, was arrested on suspicion of a police officer battery after police said he tried to grab an official's equipment and bumped another officer. The LAPD only says that "violence was used" when the officer tried to stop him. Police say the crowd tried to pull him away from the police, but he was detained.

It was also not immediately clear whether he or Dixon had lawyers who could speak on their behalf.


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