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SCOTUS-TRUMP-RECORDS: LA – The Supreme Court inflicted a defeat on Thursday for President Donald Trump by rejecting his claims to the President's immunity and subpoenaing New York prosecutors to get his tax returns and financial records. In one of the most anticipated presidential privilege decisions for years, the judges ruled with a 7-2 vote that the nation's director-general is not above the law and must meet the legitimate demands of a large New York jury that Trump's alleged silence examines cash payments to two women who claimed to have had sex with him. By David G. Savage in Washington.

EAST-LA-GRIEVING-MOMS: LA – In recent years, Rosa Moreno and other women from Lincoln Heights, Boyle Heights and East LA who lost their sons to police violence have found consolation and a sense of collective voice. Their group counted less than a handful when they started about three years ago, and then gradually grew to 15 as law enforcement shootings continued as protests against police brutality spread across the country and the group call "Black Lives Matter “Globalized, these Eastside mothers have largely been committed to change alone. From Esmeralda Bermudez in Los Angeles (move later).

CORONAVIRUS CALIF DEATH: LA – In California, coronavirus deaths are beginning to increase. The only question is how bad it will be. By Hannah Fry, Rong Gong Lin II and Luke Money (Moving Friday).

CORONAVIRUS-BOSSES: LA – In the days leading up to COVID-19, Mitchell Spearman didn't talk much to his staff about their feelings. As a senior director for key gifts at the University of Texas at Austin, he helped set goals for his team of fundraisers, help them achieve them, and celebrated their accomplishments when they did. He wanted to be supportive and encouraging, but to deal with the personal life of employees? Are you asking about their support networks? That was not part of the job description. But when the country was abruptly closed in an unimaginable week in March, Spearman, like many managers in large and small companies, took on new roles: consultant, supporter, wellness coach. By Deborah Netburn (move later).

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