Los Angeles Man Arrested for Assault on Police Officer Throughout Santa Monica Riots

Suspect Drew Miller

By Lookout Staff

July 20, 2020 — Santa Monica police have arrested a Los Angeles man who struck an officer in the head with a bottle during the civil unrest and rioting in the city May 31.

Drew Miller, 38, was arrested Friday for assaulting a police officer with a deadly weapon, said L. Joseph Cortez, the Police Department spokesman. Bail was set at $500,000.

“The Santa Monica Police Department was able to identify Drew Miller as the one who threw a full 40-ounce glass bottle at the back of the head of a peace officer,” Cortez said.

“The large glass bottle shattered on the peace officer’s helmet causing injury.”

Police obtained an arrest warrant for Miller and placed him under arrest for the assault, Cortez said. He was transported to Santa Monica Jail, where he remains in custody.

Left: Suspect Drew Miller (Courtesy SMPD)

“The Santa Monica Police Department has dedicated many resources to identify and arrest those involved in the crimes committed in our community on May 31st,” Cortez said.

The incident took place during the May 31 protests over the killing of George Floyd, which quickly turned violent, as looters ransacked stores, demonstrators faced off with police and fires were set in different parts of the city.

Law enforcement made 438 arrests that Sunday and 41 on Monday for looting, violating curfew, burglary and assault (“Santa Monica Demonstration Turns Violent, Looters Ransack Stores,” June 1, 2020).

Damage assessments found that 225 Santa Monica businesses had general damage, such as visible broken windows and doors, and 76 had “visible evidence of looting.”

Santa Monica Police have made a half dozen subsequent arrests based on video captured by security cameras, as well as protesters and witnesses who posted the images on social media.

Anyone with information pertaining to any crimes committed in the City on May 31 should share that information by calling 310-458-8451 or by sending an email to crimetips@smgov.net.


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