LA County Stories 2,848 New COVID-19 Circumstances, Greater than Half in Folks Underneath Age 41 – NBC Los Angeles

LA County Reports 2,848 New COVID-19 Cases, More than Half in People Under Age 41 – NBC Los Angeles

Los Angeles county officials reported the highest number of new COVID-19 hospitalizations in the entire pandemic (2,216) on Sunday, exceeding Wednesday's high of 2,193.

In addition, there were 2,848 new coronavirus cases and 11 other deaths on Sunday, with 53% of new cases occurring in people under the age of 41.

Of the 2,216 cases currently confirmed in the hospital, 26% are in the intensive care unit and 19% on ventilators. This is the fifth day in a row that more than 2,100 people have been hospitalized.

The county has identified 155,887 positive cases of COVID-19 since then
The pandemic started with 4,095 deaths.

"Our thoughts and prayers are directed to families who are troubled to lose a loved one to COVID-19 and those who care for a loved one who has an illness," said Barbara Ferrer, who Health director of the district.

"We continue to reach milestones and see most of the COVID-19 hospitalizations today. Young adults are currently hospitalized at an unprecedented rate. No matter how young you are, you are susceptible to this virus. I urge everyone to Take on collective responsibility – stay physically separate from people you don't live with, wear a face mask when you're outside your home, but stay at home as often as possible. "

Test results are available for more than 1,515,000 people, with 10% positive. The cumulative positivity rate increased from 9% to 10%. The majority of cases occurred in people under the age of 41, with 52% – or 77,000 people – younger than 41 years infected with COVID-19.

Mayor Eric Garcetti said Sunday that the city of Los Angeles was "on the verge" of issuing another order as coronavirus cases increased in the region, and again urged the public to protect themselves from complacency given the ongoing pandemic .

"I think a lot of people don't understand, mayors often have no control over what opens and what doesn't – either at the state or county level, and I agree that these things (reopening companies) happened too quickly," said Garcetti told CNN on Sunday.

"It's not just about what is opened and closed, it's also about what we do individually. It's about the people who meet outside of their homes," he continued. "… You may think that because you got a test two weeks ago it is fine, but not. This virus chases our department, it chases when we are exhausted, it chases us in those moments when we are none have a unified national front, or if we as individuals think, "Oh, it won't be a big deal." We have to be as vigilant now as we were on day one. "

Garcetti said on Friday that the city was on the brink of a "red" coronavirus alert, which would trigger stricter local orders for home stays and possibly more business closings.

He also said lawyers will be deployed across Los Angeles on Monday to advise or cite companies that have violated the city's COVID 19 guidelines.

"As of Monday, I announce that we will restart the Business Ambassadors program that made us so successful at the start of this struggle, and send dozens of city workers who visit companies every day where we have a report of a problem and Failure to comply, "said Garcetti.

The program is led by the Los Angeles City Attorney General.

Dr. Muntu Davis, health officer of Ferrer and L.A. County, said companies need to do more to protect workers, and Davis said virus transmission in the workplace has increased significantly.

According to Davis, inspectors have responded to 2,000 to 3,000 complaints per week about possible health protocol violations in the past few months.

Dozens of outbreaks are being investigated, the largest of which continues to occur at the Los Angeles Apparel apparel factory in South Los Angeles, Davis said. Health officials reported last week that 300 factory workers had tested positive for the coronavirus and four people had died.

Davis said Thursday that the number of confirmed cases at the facility increased to 375 of the company's 2,290 employees.


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