L.A. Metropolis Legal professional Wins Two Instances On Institution Of Homeless Shelters

L.A. City Attorney Wins Two Cases On Establishment Of Homeless Shelters

LOS FELIZ – On Tuesday, July 14, prosecutor Mike Feur announced that his office had won two cases related to the creation of homeless shelters in Los Angeles, one of which was opened this month by Mulholland Fountain on Riverside Drive.

The “A Bridge Home” animal shelter in Griffith Park is said to have a 10,8000 square meter tent with 100 extra beds as well as hygiene products, storage, food and case management services for the homeless near the Los Feliz area.

The original lawsuit was filed by Friends of Waverly and challenged the start of local Griffith Park homeless shelter by local residents and owners. Freud states that the California Supreme Court rejected an application filed by the Venice Stakeholders Association to review a similar 154-bed project in Venice. Venice residents filed complaints about the proximity of the homeless shelter to their homes and schools, so the advocacy group sued the original plan for the facility. The lawsuit alleged that the facility violated Griffith J. Griffith's intention to use the land he donated to Griffith Park for parkland purposes only.

According to the 2020 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, an estimated more than 18,000 people currently live in vehicles, tents, and shelters throughout Los Angeles County.

"The Los Feliz Bridge Home will provide life-saving services to countless men and women currently living on the streets," said Ryu, a Los Angeles councilor, in a statement. "We know that homelessness won't be solved if we say no. It will only be solved if we work together as a community to find real solutions." I was thrilled with the positive response that this facility has received across much of the community and look forward to opening the doors at the end of the month. "


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