Immigration legal professional pledges to assist father, son promoting flowers in Boyle Heights with authorized standing

Immigration attorney pledges to help father, son selling flowers in Boyle Heights with legal status

BOYLE HEIGHTS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) – The life of an 8 year old undocumented boy and his father begins to turn.

Edgar Machic Jr. was caught on camera during an Instagram live stream and helped his father sell flowers in Boyle Heights in July.

After the video was shared, father and son were supported by the community and more than $ 45,000 was raised on a GoFundMe account.

Then, about a week later, a lawyer went to her booth.

"God touched the lawyer's heart, Alex," said Edgar Machic, Junior's father. "He gets Edgar Jr. permanent US residency. He does it first and then gets political asylum."

Junior helped sell flowers when his father lost his job due to COVID-19.

The two emigrated to the United States after the son's mother died and had to leave his two sisters behind.

"We are here as an extension of Edgar's mother and in honor of my own mother, who died to help Edgar and his father achieve this American dream," said Alex Galvez, an immigration lawyer. "Edgar is entitled to the green card."

Galvez, who heard about the boy's story, surprised the father and son at their booth by promising to help both.

"Edgar helps me more than I help him. Because it is only confirmation that I have a job to do when I wake up and should help an immigrant," said Galvez. "Every time I get someone's green card, I'm not just changing their life. I'm changing every generation after that person. And it's a big responsibility."

According to the lawyer, he will represent father and son pro bono. It can take about three years for Edgar Jr. to be a legal permanent residence, and up to eight years to resolve his father's case.

"Thank you and God bless you all for helping us," said Edgar Jr.

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