Hushpuppi arrested in Dubai: Who be Mark Geragos wey pipo declare say di extradited Instagram celeb Ramoni Igbalode rent as im lawyer?

Hushpuppi arrested in Dubai: Who be Mark Geragos wey pipo claim say di extradited Instagram celeb Ramoni Igbalode hire as im lawyer?

6 July 2020

Tori don dey spread for social media say extradited Instagram celeb Ramoni Igbalode aka Hushpuppi don hire Mark Geragos, one ogbonge American lawyer wey bin represent late pop start, Michael Jackson.

Pipo feel say wit dis kain lawyer, Hushpuppi wey dey face up to 20 years in prison fit waka free or do short sentence.

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Mark Geragos former Micheal Jackson’s lawyer is Hushpuppi’s lawyer .. guess he is a Jewish lawyer .. I don’t see hush doing maximum sentence 3-5yrs max.. Movie is about to get interesting

— Zaddy Yo!!! (@zadde_yo) July 5, 2020

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Ray Hushpuppi has hired former Micheal Jackson lawyer Mark Geragos as his advocate. It’s about to be a movie.
The government will probably offer him a deal to snitch on other ‘Nigerian Hackers’. 😂😂

— Kvng Yeni 🧩 (@HothBae) July 5, 2020

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For now, no confam report don come out to show say true true dis pesin na Hushpuppi lawyer. But dis na wetin BBC Pidgin fit tell you about Geragos.

Oga Geragos don represent some ogbonge pipo for di world, including late pop star Michael Jackson, singer Chris Brown and music executive Sean “Diddy” Combs aka Puff Daddy.

Im also don plenti murder cases wit one of di clients wey waka wit $1.7 million settlement moni afta im sue di city of Glendale for false arrest of im client.

No be only big clients Geragos don represent wit success, im don also carry big big corporations like Pfizer Corporation, New York Life Insurance and AXA Corporation go court.

Some oda accolades wey Geragos get be say im di second only ever lawyer apart from Johnnie Cochran wey dem don name “Lawyer of di Year”

Di lawyer wey dem born for Los Angeles, bin do im undergraduate for Haverford College, Pennsylvania come get im Juris Doctorate for Loyola Law School.

Wen Geragos no dey inside court room, you go catch am ontop television as legal commentator or guest. Im don appear for some top TV shows like Today Show, Good Morning America, Dateline NBC and Larry King Live.

As e be so, im dey sue di Goment of Turkey for all di katakata wey happen for Armania.

Hushpuppi dey face accuse say im tiff plenty millions of dollars from business email compromise (BEC), yahoo-yahoo and oda mago-mago.


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