Gang Controls Compton Sheriff’s Division: Los Angeles County Deputy

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy watches over a group of people detained at an illegal marijuana dispensary in Compton, California.

A surprising allegation against the Los Angeles County sheriff department shook Compton.

Los Angeles County's deputy sheriff, Austreberto Gonzalez, filed a complaint against the county alleging that Compton station was controlled by a malicious gang.

"We have a gang here that has grown to master all aspects of life at Compton Station," Alan Romero, a lawyer who represents Gonzalez in the lawsuit, told Yahoo. "It essentially controls the planning, distribution of tips, and assignment of whistleblowers to MPs on the ward, with preference given to gang members and potential customers."

González claims that retaliation was undertaken anonymously after a Los Angeles County sheriff reported anonymously in internal matters for assaulting a colleague.

In addition, Gonzalez claims that the punishment was served by the executors, a group of MPs with the same tattoos, who are a powerful force at Compton station, reports Yahoo. The tattoos show a skull, Nazi images and an AK-47.

The allegation alleges that the group is involved in setting illegal arrest rates and is threatening to slow down work if they do not get the preferred jobs. She was responsible for several murders of unarmed black men.

Executioners are just one of the groups that operate in various California sheriff departments and have ink and names such as Spartans, regulators, grim reaper and bandits that are part of a federal FBI investigation, Yahoo said.

The Los Angeles District Sheriff's Deputy watches over a group of people detained in an illegal marijuana pharmacy in Compton, California.A Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy watches over a group of people detained in an illegal marijuana pharmacy in Compton, California.AP

Compton's sheriff, Alex Villanueva, said during a live Facebook broadcast on Wednesday that "there is no gang of MPs running a broadcaster." But he said he was concerned about the allegations and that "quick administrative measures" would be taken.

"I take these allegations very seriously and have recently issued a policy specifically targeting illegal groups, additional cliques, and sub-groups." Villanueva adopted measures in February that prohibit MPs from participating in cliques.

Inspector General Max Huntsman told Yahoo: "I am aware that there is no implementation of the policy and that his office cannot effectively investigate secret partnerships" due to the Sheriff's Disability ".

According to González’s complaint, Compton Station agents were involved in the number of executioners who work around 20 to 40 men on night shifts and communicate via WhatsApp. Black women and men are not allowed in the group.

"Almost all CPT MPs who have been involved in high-profile shootings and extra-political beatings on CPT in recent years are" colorized "members of The Executioners," Yahoo said. "Colorize" refers to the act of any newly created member of The Executioners who receives a tattoo that indicates that it is a member of the organization. … Members become "executors" after executing members of the public or committing acts of violence to support the gang. ""

González claims that following his anonymous complaint, he was threatened, forced to give up his job as a training officer, rejected a partner, and received a phone call from the gang.

Proponents of the groups argue, according to Yahoo, that they work hard and increase morale.

The new allegations come when the Compton station is heavily influenced by allegations of violence, including the death of Andres Guardado (18), who was shot in the back five times by an agent in Gardena.

In a civil suit that resulted from a murder of Donta Taylor in 2016 by agents from that department, police officers said Taylor had found a gun (no weapon found) and one of the perpetrators, Samuel Aldama, swore ink under oath his calf depicting a skull with a rifle and a military-style helmet surrounded by flames, and the letters "CPT" for Compton.

Taylor's family lawsuit was settled last year at $ 7 million.

"(Gonzalez’s claim) is an atomic bomb dropped on the police," John Sweeney, a lawyer who represented Taylor’s family, told Yahoo.

The sheriff department has been patrolling the streets of Compton since 2000 after the city dissolved its police force due to increased crime and gang violence.


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