Former Lengthy Seashore Officers Write Demise Threats towards BLM Activist Shaun King – NBC Los Angeles

Former Long Beach Officers Write Death Threats against BLM Activist Shaun King – NBC Los Angeles

Three former Long Beach police officers posted violent threats to Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King on a private Facebook page for California law enforcement officials, police confirmed on Thursday.

King said in an article he wrote on Medium that a private Facebook group for California law enforcement officers had members who used their real names and "planned and planned openly (his) assassination".

The screenshots in the medium article show current and former officials from various California authorities saying, "Throw this guy out of a helicopter," "Need a sniper," "Shaun King needs to be knocked down," "I recommend retroactive birth control or" Postpartum abortion, whatever you want to call it, "and other threats that appear to be against King.

According to King, the threats began with the retired Long Beach police officer Laura Tartgaglione, who reportedly wrote, "The man who posted this tweet today is a BLM FOUNDING MEMBER. He also introduced Bernie Sanders in his attempted presidential campaign. I think (California) has to put together a team of military, police and retired NRA members! We have no protection.

These criminals created by the Democrats must be stopped. "

Information about the threats was sent to the Long Beach Police Investigation Bureau for internal review and recommendations for criminal investigations. The FBI will assist the department with the investigation.

"The Long Beach police are horrified and deeply concerned about the tone and content of the posts, which in no way reflect the basic values ​​and professional standards of the men and women in our organization," said the department's statement.

"We are 100% committed to partnering with our community to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and professionalism, and does not tolerate prejudice, racism, or threats to individuals."

King doubted in the Medium article that the police could properly investigate their current and former officers for the threats.

"Who are you calling to report the misconduct of current and retired law enforcement officers? Because I have no confidence in a law enforcement system to deal with this, I feel obliged to publish it publicly for my own safety and for the safety of my family." said King, who says he receives death threats every day.


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