Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom” –

    9 - Free Minds and Free Markets

    On August 13, the Cato Institute is organizing a virtual book forum on my new book Free to Move: foot voting, migration and political freedom. There will be a comment from economist Bryan Caplan and immigration lawyer Peter Margulies who recently reviewed the book on the Lawfare website.

    The event takes place from 12:30 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. Eastern Time and is free and open to the public. Registration and further information can be found here.

    In June I published a number of posts about Free to Move. The last post in the series, which contains links to the earlier ones, is available here. In the first post of the series I summarized what the book is about and why I wrote it. The introduction to Free to Move, which provides an overview of the rest of the book, can be downloaded free of charge from the SSRN website.

    As I mentioned earlier, I promised to donate 50% of Free to Move's royalties to charities that benefit refugees.


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