Florida Attorneys Providing Free Dwelling Wills to Lecturers Returning to Faculty Throughout Pandemic – NBC Los Angeles

Florida Lawyers Offering Free Living Wills to Teachers Returning to School During Pandemic – NBC Los Angeles

A number of Florida lawyers offer free or discounted wills to teachers who may need to return to the classroom this school year.

"I had read a story a few weeks ago about three Arizona teachers who went back to school to work on a project," said Charles Gallagher, whose law firm Gallagher & Associates in St. Petersburg offers teachers a free life. "All three got COVID-19 and one died."

Gallagher said he was "surprised by the story" and that he was not the only one, as lawyers are now warning of the risks of sending teachers and children back to school early, reports NBC News.

However, the question of when schools should reopen is still controversial, especially in Florida, where the state's largest teachers union is suing Governor Ron DeSantis for his government's move to fully reopen public schools next month, despite the Coronavirus cases explode in the state.

Since advertising for free will, a document that contains legal instructions for choosing a person's medical care, if they are unable to provide it directly to a doctor, they have received requests from around 600 teachers and other school workers.

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