Eastside moms unite after their sons had been killed by regulation enforcement | Information Briefs

    Eastside mothers unite after their sons were killed by law enforcement | News Briefs

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    A demonstration of Black Lives Matter continues to roll across the country. The Los Angeles Times profiled a group of women from Boyle Heights, East LA and Lincoln Heights whose sons were killed by law enforcement officers.

    "We have no phrase, not even a name," said Rosa Moreno, whose 23-year-old son Cesar Rodriguez died in an encounter with law enforcement officials in 2017. "But we are warriors for our sons. We support each other like a family."

    The group has pushed for reform of the use of violence by the authorities. They also rush to the scenes of the shootings to meet with the families of the dead.

    The Times also spoke to Soledad Enrichment Action organizer Johnny Torres, who has kept a growing list of people killed by law enforcement officials. Almost all victims on the Eastside in recent years have died in East LA, under the jurisdiction of the County Sheriff, Torres said.

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