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A court found that a woman who was accused of threatening to shoot members of a Clairemont church during an Easter Sunday service was mentally unable to stand trial.

Anna Conkey will spend approximately two years in a state hospital after the court found that Conkey cannot contribute to her own defense because of a mental illness, a spokesman for the San Diego District Attorney General said.

Conkey was charged with eight crimes in the Tsidkenu Church at Mount Everest Academy on April 12, 2019, including criminal threats, false bombings, and child abuse.

Witnesses say that a woman with her boy pointed a gun at the church and her son. The threat occurred on Sunday at the Mount Everest Academy in Clairemont. The suspect is Anna Conkey. Danica McAdam from NBC 7 has more.

Prosecutors said Conkey kept her 10 months old when she stepped on the stage through the service and started threatening community members by firing a gun on herself and her baby.

During a preliminary hearing, a video of the incident was played, with approximately 12 witnesses commenting on what happened on that day.

A witness said he heard Conkey say, "We were wrong and there would be no rapture, and Christians had to die for their beliefs."

Another witness said he also heard Conkey say, "We're all going to die."

Conkey is a former intern and freelance digital producer for NBC 7. She can also be a SDSU graduate and was in the U.S. Navy.

Minutes before the incident, an email from an account named "Anna Conkey" was sent to NBC 7. The email was sent as a message tip.

"There is a woman who claims to be the Messiah who says she was sent to blow up the foundation of the church – she has a gun and a child is involved. The address is 4350 Mount Everest Boulevard San Diego, CA 92117. There are approximately 70 people in the school auditorium where the service is held, ”the message said.

Prosecutors said Conkey also called 911 to report a bomb hazard. The police arrived within two minutes.

For the first time, we're watching a video of a woman carrying a gun and her baby to a church that threatens a church. Danica McAdam from NBC 7 has more.

Witness David Michael Miller, one of several who disarmed and subdued Conkey until the police arrived, said that Conkey had aimed the gun at the community, at himself, and at her baby as he approached her, among other things.

No shots were fired and Conkey or her 10 month old child were not injured. The police said the gun was not loaded.

Conkey's baby was taken into protective custody after the incident, as was her 5-year-old, who was simply in a different location at the time of the incident. Prosecutors said the children had turned up in the family.


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