Coroner’s Post-mortem Report Reveals Andres Guardado Was Shot in Again by Deputy in Gardena – NBC Los Angeles

Coroner’s Autopsy Report Shows Andres Guardado Was Shot in Back by Deputy in Gardena – NBC Los Angeles

The coroner's office released an 18-year-old man's autopsy report on Friday, shot dead by a sheriff's assistant from Los Angeles County in Gardena.

The report released on Friday follows the release of an independent autopsy this week requested by the Andres Guardado family. Both reports show that Guardado sustained five gunshot wounds to the back.

Another two abrasions were found on his forearms.

The cause of death for Guardado are several gunshot wounds, all five of which were classified as fatal, the coroner found. According to the report, all laps went from the back to the front and slightly upwards.

The way of death was confirmed as murder.

Guardado was shot dead near an auto body shop on Redondo Beach Boulevard on June 18. MPs said Guardado was seen talking to someone in a car that blocked a driveway and that he had a gun when he started running. A MP shot half a dozen shots at Guardado, who died at the scene, the authorities said.

The coroner's office made the following statement: "After careful consideration and deliberation, I publish Andres Guardado Pineda's autopsy report. I have carefully considered the key variables in this case – support for the administration of justice as I do not believe that these are mutually exclusive ideals Both are important, especially in the ongoing national debate about race, police and civil rights. I believe that the government can do its part by being more timely and up to date more transparent in exchanging information that the public demands and is authorized to see is. "

Kim Tobin reports for the NBC4 News at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, July 8, 2020.

The coroner's official report was released after preliminary results of an autopsy requested by family members were released earlier this week. This report also showed that Guardado family had been shot in the back five times, according to Guardado family lawyers.

The family's requested autopsy also showed that Guardado had suffered a left forearm abrasion and that he had no drugs or alcohol in his system at the time, the family's lawyers said.

The family's autopsy on June 26 was performed by Dr. Bennet I. Omalu, a forensic pathologist, said the lawyers' statement said.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva said that he would publish the investigation results soon, but said progress was slowed down by people who claimed on social media that they were witnesses to the murder.

"And anyone who says that means this is another potential witness we need to interview," he told Compton City Council late last month.

He promised to publish videos, justify information and other findings.

Family members and other residents have held demonstrations and asked for more information about the shooting.

The LA County Board of Supervisors requested an independent investigation. Members unanimously approved a request asking the sheriff to "give the county inspector general" immediate and full access to all requested evidence to ensure independent supervision ". The request also asked the district attorney to report alternative plans for an independent investigation, including possible involvement of the California attorney general.

According to Sheriff Villanueva, both the Attorney General and the FBI have agreed to monitor the investigation, which is still being carried out by the sheriff's detectives assigned to the homicide department.


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