Chuck DeVore: Joe Rogan leaving Los Angeles for ‘freedom’ in Texas indicators coming exodus from liberal cities

Chuck DeVore: Joe Rogan leaving Los Angeles for 'freedom' in Texas signals coming exodus from liberal cities

The Hollywood scene used to be full of Joe Rogans – free spirits who voiced their opinion. Sure, liberals dominated the world of entertainment, but non-liberals, at least those who had already done it or had some moral courage, could and did pronounce it.

The era of freedom of speech ended in the conforming conformity of alertness. Wrong thinking will be punished with cancellation. Larger celebrities can fight it for a while, but most eventually bend. It's just too tiring. A paycheck is more tempting than trying to talk to a mob. The mob is not interested in reason or even democracy. They want … something and they want it now.

What exactly did Joe Rogan say that signaled his big move from Los Angeles to Texas? During a podcast conversation with guest Joe De Sena, Rogan said, "I'm out of here, I'm going to Texas." Rogan said, "I just want to go somewhere in the middle of the country, somewhere where it's easier to travel to both places, and somewhere where you have a bit more freedom." While complaining about LA's notorious traffic and population density, Rogan also cited the region's "economic despair" and a "homelessness problem that has radically accelerated in the past six, seven, ten years …"

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Rogan doesn't just attack. His comments are essentially a political criticism of the one-party government of California by the left-wing party.

On the surface, an occasional observer would think Rogan should be perfectly at home in California. His diverse views include support for recreational drug use and two advanced staples: universal basic income and universal health care. Rogan also advocates arms rights under the second constitutional amendment. He endorsed Ron Paul as President in 2012, Libertarian Gary Johnson in 2016, and said he was "likely" to vote for Senator Bernie Sanders in 2020 Democratic Elementary School. But after Sanders got out, Rogan abandoned the belief that he "would rather vote for Trump than Biden."

That kind of statement – really anything but the total denunciation of Pres. Trump – is unlikely to invite you to many Hollywood parties, even if you've just signed a $ 100 million contract with Spotify for a hugely popular podcast.

And Joe Rogan is not alone. According to a poll by U.C. At the Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies, 74 percent of the very conservative voters in California say they are considering moving. 84 percent of respondents cite the increasingly hostile political monoculture in California as justification. Which makes sense. Rogan is wealthy, well-known and powerful, while the average California small business owner or employee has to be given a layoff, which means that both their livelihood and "friends" are lost.

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What are the other factors that could turn a trickle into a flood if Rogan and other creatives move out and want good weather for "more freedom"?

The most prominent is taxes. California has the highest individual income tax rate in the country at 13.3 percent. Moving to Texas could save Rogan more than $ 13 million on his recently signed Spotify agreement.

The second reason is the artistic license. California quickly becomes what it claims to hate: conformist. And if everything is subject to the same ideologically recognized groupthink, there can be no creativity.

Finally, the increasing violence in the subway, including looting and arson, worries many long-term residents of left-wing cities. In contrast to earlier periods of urban upheaval, this has an unusual pattern – it is openly political.


Cities with the largest vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 are the cities with the highest violence. This is because left-wing mayors, who agree with the violent demonstrators, have hindered their police force and at the same time are helping to "defuse" law enforcement. It's a volatile mix that is threatening to get out of control and cause many angry liberals to discover their rights after the second constitutional amendment – and that it is more difficult to buy a pistol and ammunition than they thought.

Fortunately for Rogan and others who make a living with their ideas, words and pictures, the high-speed Internet enables productivity almost everywhere.

And for others who turn to the practical work, Elon Musk's Tesla announced a major expansion to Texas last week that will employ at least 5,000 people. Tesla's CEO, Musk, had often expressed frustration with the anti-business stance of elected officials in California.


All of this will likely continue and deepen the Californian emigration trend from the Democrat-controlled state. The U.S. Census reports that nearly 700,000 Californians left for other countries in 2018, the majority of which, 86,000, moved to Texas (while 501,000 people moved to California from other countries).

Fortunately for the continuation of this Texan policy, which leads to "more freedom", several surveys indicate that most of these new Texans, by choice, are more conservative.



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