Bullets Fly in Penn. as Police Arrest Man Wished in Capturing Over Masks Rule – NBC Los Angeles

Bullets Fly in Penn. as Police Arrest Man Wanted in Shooting Over Mask Rule – NBC Los Angeles

Local and state police were involved in a shootout on Saturday with a man from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, who was suspected of shooting a cigar store clerk the day before after the clerk asked him to wear a mask to wear.

Officials staked the house of Adam Michael Zaborowski, 35, of Slatington at around 9:35 a.m. when he left and got into his vehicle to leave it, Lehigh Valley District Attorney James Martin said. After the officers switched on their patrol cruiser sirens, Zaborowski started shooting and the police returned the fire, Martin said.

Zaborowski was beaten at least once and treated after his arrest, the prosecutor said. He was taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital and was supposed to survive.

A police officer from Slatington Borough was hit by a bullet but should be released from the hospital later on Saturday, Martin said.

Police retrieved an AK-47 rifle, a semi-automatic rifle, and a 40-caliber Smith and Wesson pistol that Zaborowski used to fire on officers during Saturday's shootout, Martin added.

Zaborowski was originally searched for attempted murder, heavy assault with a lethal weapon, robbery and a firearm without a license. He was wanted to shoot an employee at Cigars International on Nazareth Pike in Bethlehem on Friday afternoon.

Zaborowski entered without wearing a protective face mask and was upset when the clerk told him that he had to wear one according to the store policy, police said.

The employee then offered to deliver Zaborowski cigars outside, the police said. He was reportedly not interested in this offer and fled the cigars when the clerk followed him.

The gunman is said to have fired two shots at the worker and a third in the air before escaping in a pickup. No one was hit by the bullets.

After Saturday's shooting with the police, further charges against Zaborowski are pending.


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