Boss ‘Gawked At Her Breasts And Genitalia’: Ex-Metropolis Lawyer Workplace Employee Sues Over Supervisor’s Alleged Intercourse Harassment

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A former longtime attorney general sued her ex-employer, claiming she was forced to resign in 2019 because of a backlash when she reported being sexually harassed by her superior, who "stared at her breasts and genitals" and did "in return." ".

Marlene Ramos, who said she would leave tears with her boss, filed a lawsuit before the Los Angeles Supreme Court in which sexual harassment, gender discrimination, retaliation, equal pay violations, and failure to do so and discrimination To prevent harassment.

The lawsuit filed on Wednesday seeks unspecified damages and a court order that prevents the prosecutor from tolerating or allowing discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and instructs the agency to raise awareness of the damage caused by retaliation.

A prosecutor's representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Ramos says she was retired in January 1990 and often received positive reviews that met or exceeded the standards. According to her court records, she was also recognized by family members of crime victims and mothers against drunk driving.

But almost weekly from April to November 2018, Ramos’s supervisor, a deputy city attorney III, who in her case is not a defendant, called her to his office, closed the door, and “stared at her breasts and genitals while watching the plaintiff asked his eyes to stare into it, ”the suit claims.

The applicant alleges that the manager made "veiled proposals for consideration" and told her "to work with him to get a promotion".

Ramos believed that the superior's comments were suggestions that she would be promoted if she agreed to his overtures, the lawsuit said.

Ramos, who says that she left the boss's office "in tears" after making his supposed progress, claims that he has followed her regularly and rubbed her shoulders, "which made her freeze with fear."

Ramos "repeatedly contradicted the behavior (of her superior) as humiliating and dehumanizing," the lawsuit said.

In October 2018, Ramos said she complained twice about her boss's alleged behavior to the HR manager, but no action was taken. Instead, the director called Ramos "rude" and said the behavior of her boss was "stress-related," the suit claims.

The alleged behavior of the manager was considered so open and routine by other employees that they routinely reprimanded Ramos and asked her inappropriate questions about what her boss had done that day, depending on the lawsuit.

Ramos’s husband filed a complaint with the city's Equal Opportunities Department in November 2018. Although the prosecutor's office moved the plaintiff's chief to a neighboring office, the plaintiff was still the superior, according to the plaintiff.

Ramos was later taken on administrative leave for unauthorized use of overtime. A claim she claims was unfounded and was instigated by her boss, the lawsuit says. In the meantime, prosecutors refused to investigate her EEO complaint, and she was told that any sexual harassment investigation replaced the internal investigation into her alleged unauthorized overtime, the lawsuit said.

"Given the unreasonable decision to put her old-age pension at risk and to defend herself against pretext and retaliation, Ramos had to resign from her employment in April 2019," the lawsuit said.

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