Amber Heard Felt She Was “Above The Regulation,” Says Former Assistant – Deadline

Amber Heard Felt She Was “Above The Law,” Says Former Assistant – Deadline

(Press Association) Amber Heard felt "above the law," her former personal assistant claimed.

Kate James, who was released by the actress in February 2015, claimed Heard "didn't care to throw someone under the bus if it meant saving her own skin."

In her first testimony, which was brought to the court in Johnny Depp's defamation lawsuit against The Sun newspaper, James said that Heard asked her in September 2014 to send a letter that the actress sent to homeland security officials in the United States about one Savannah McMillan had written the woman's name.

She claimed Heard, 34, hired the woman to work as an assistant. James said in her written statement: “Savannah, a British citizen, had been held in immigration and asked about the frequency with which she had come and gone from the United States.

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"In Bernstein's letter, she called it fraudulent that Savannah was supposed to be working illegally for Amber. She (Ms. Heard) said that as a" friend "of Savannah" she could truthfully and unambiguously say that this claim is completely wrong … I want to go to the file and say that Savannah McMillan is a personal friend, and to my knowledge. has never worked illegally or otherwise in the United States. Or for me. "

James claimed in her testimony that she "knew this was not true" and "that is why Amber deliberately lied to the US Immigration Service". She added that she had taken a photo of the letter and a Heard paycheck to McMillan.

Her statement also referred to the episode in which Heard was prosecuted for illegally entering Australia.

She claimed to have tried to speak to Heard about a date mismatch in the time it took for the dogs 'immigration process, but said the actress' eyes would "glaze over and she would go away".

James claimed that Heard "ignored" her and Depp's real estate manager Kevin Murphy at the time. "She deliberately smuggled the dogs into Australia," said James in her statement, adding, "As in various circumstances that I have observed, it was as if she felt like she was above the law."

James said she had heard of a discussion in which the actress was reportedly considering asking Murphy to ask her to sign a statement that supports Heard's position: “She (Ms. Heard) didn't know the dogs weren't ready were to be brought to Australia. ”

The testimony says: "The fact that she was willing to ask me to sign such a statement under oath … is a reflection of her approach to me … in general. She didn't care to throw someone under the bus if it meant saving her own skin. "


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